The Planner for Doing Less

Marina Rose Martinez-Bateman
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Are you tired of working yourself to exhaustion, missing family events, losing touch with your hobbies and neglecting your physical and mental health? There is a way to stop over-working and get your life back.

Is it easy? No. Can it be made better with a cute planner? Absolutely yes.

The Planner for Doing Less features my own story of how I overcame my compulsive over-working, and outlines my unique three-phase process, which you can follow to do the same.

This hand-written planner is simple, easy to use, and easily customizable to your needs. The weeks and days are undated and have both vertical and horizontal, grided and ungrided options. It's designed for you to print as many pages as you need. The sample pages show some of the many different ways to use the layouts.

You can use this in conjunction with other planners, use as a digital planner, or print pages out and put them in an existing planner. However, I strongly suggest using only on the Phase 1 and Phase 2 pages while you are in Phases 1 and 2.

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What's in the Planner

Three phase sytem to beat overwork
´╗┐Undate horizontal planner pages, with and without grid lines
Undated vertical planner pages, with and without grid lines
Undated monthly tracker
Notes page
Print as many as you need
Use for digital planning
63.3 MB
32 pages


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The Planner for Doing Less

1 rating
I want this!